Advantages of GlobeHOST hosting services.
1. Ease of use- All Domain related applications are presented to you when you log in to the web interface.

2. Email functions- This service has email functions and with the help of these email functions you will be able to;

 Create your own email accounts.
 Add or remove your email accounts.
 Create or delete the email forwarder.
 Change passwords of email accounts.
 Add the auto responder.
 Read webmail.
 Block emails that are unwanted.
 Filter unwanted email with unwanted contents.
 Use the email filtering to block spam.
 Enable or disable spam assassin.

3. Website Maintenance-You will be able to;.

 Manage FTP account.
 View your visitor statistics.
 Create sub domains.
 Install and uninstall server side extensions.
 Create the custom error page view with the service status
 Accessible-Even if it's a browser based application, you can be sure that there will never be a cross browser issues.
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